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Abrams Educational Software creates, distributes, and licenses software that inspires curiosity and understanding for students and professionals interested in all kinds of spectroscopy. We focus on content that benefits from interactive, high quality animation, to convey understanding with a minimum of jargon. The animations are rendered with photorealistic shading and texture, helping students easily visualize the three dimensional models. The interactive controls are integrated with the graphics so students see and feel the relationships among the variables and models.


Our previous plans to release IR Tutor in Shockwave format have been changed. Thank you for your patience, while we re-write IR Tutor in Flash format.

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IR Tutor 1.1 IR Tutor helps teach infrared spectroscopy for undergraduates and graduate students. By clicking on a peak, the student sees an animation of the corresponding vibration. Expand and overlay features allow self-directed exploration of IR interpretation. Introductory and Theory sections are included, covering the electromagnetic spectrum, normal modes, etc.
NMR Tutor 0.3 NMR Tutor contains sections on the vector model of nuclear magnetization and interactive animations of BIRD, T1, and HETCOR pulse sequences as well as interactive 2D spectra of tetraacetyl methoxyglucose.
Marcus Tutor 0.1 An illustration of one aspect of Marcus' rate theory, specifically the explanation of the 2D energy surface which predicts whether a reaction is concerted or stepwise. Includes an interactive animation of the Hammond postulate.

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